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Greater efficiency at Rudolph Logistik

Service provider decides on automated guided vehicle systems

Rudolph Logistik is a reliable service provider for clients in a wide variety of industries. Investment in two automated guided vehicle systems has optimised processes in the warehouse.

Driverless and ideally integrated via an interface

In order to ensure long-term fault-free just-in-time delivery for its clients whilst relieving the workload on its employees, the Rudolph Logistik Group in Lorsch, southern Hesse, has chosen an innovative path. After an eight-week planning and testing phase the logistics service provider decided on two modern automated guided vehicle systems (AGV-S). The great benefit of these forklift trucks is that they adapt to a changed environment but still maintain the necessary flexibility in the warehouse. Moreover, existing racking systems and storage locations can be used. Our logistics interface was a further benefit for the Rudolph Logistik Group. This middleware enables the AGV-S to communicate with the client’s own Warehouse Management System (WMS) without difficulty. The automated guided vehicle system means considerable easing of the load in the 14,300 square metre distribution centre with 10,600 pallet locations and 170,000 shelf locations. Approximately 135 employees pack and dispatch roughly 430,000 items from here worldwide.

Markus Krumpholz
PM and controlling at Rudolph Logistik Group

“Thanks to the automated guided vehicle systems, we have been able to make our internal processes more efficient and relieve the load on our employees.“

Greater efficiency, fewer errors

The Rudolph Logistik Group is predominantly active in the automotive, system cargo, consumer goods, industrial, and fulfilment sectors. Internal processes should be constantly improved and the potential for optimisation should be exploited. This works perfectly with the EKS 210a automated guided vehicle system together with our logistics interface. Soon after commissioning, there was a noticeable improvement in efficiency in intralogistics processes and a reduction in errors within internal transport procedures. The staff can place greater focus on special transport now. The assignment of transport orders to the individual pallets is via a bar code that is automatically read by the APM and reported to the WMS via the Logistics Interface. The WMS then sends the exact storage location for the respective pallet to the truck, once again via the Logistics Interface. The pallet is securely transported to this location via the optimum route and is precisely positioned.

Technological leadership

"Since commissioning, the automated guided vehicle systems have taken over some of the internal transport. In Goods outward, this actually represents approximately 50 percent of the daily Goods outward volume. Furthermore, the comprehensive safety system in the automated guided vehicle system helped minimise damage in the distribution centre”, says Markus Krumpholz, who is responsible for project management and controlling at Rudolph Logistik. Thorsten Krämer, business unit manager for the Rhein/Main/Neckar region, adds: “We have seen the system at exhibitions and on the Internet, and also seen two plants in production with Jungheinrich clients. Other manufacturers do not have a suitably refined alternative for our requirements. On top of that, with Jungheinrich we have just the one contact partner and get everything from a single source.” Using the automated guided vehicle system from Jungheinrich also demonstrates a willingness to use pioneering technology and helps gain experience for possible major projects in the future.

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